The Keystone Conference YAC experience began in 1990 and was designed to answer God’s call to provide an alternative to the traditional summer camping experience. YAC is different because it promotes encountering Jesus and growing in Him through team-building activities, outdoor climbing and ropes elements, contemporary praise and worship, games, “coffee houses” and six relevant and challenging lessons from the Camp Pastor.

Every summer, the cabin leaders, program staff, and support staff are a different combination of personalities. As they combine to form the staff team, a dynamic develops that uniquely shapes each week of camp. It is this dynamic that God chooses as his machinery to create change and spiritual progress in the lives of campers. While they and the staff eat, play, laugh, learn, and live together in the special environment called “camp,” God is at work in an incredible way.

So, what kind of people does God call to work at YAC? It’s simple, really. People after God’s own heart. Not people who are perfect. Not people who never make mistakes. Just people that understand that God’s most prized possession is - His people!

Who may volunteer at YAC?

Any believer age 19 and over (one year graduated from high school) who exhibits ongoing spiritual growth and a deep desire to impact teenage lives for Christ is welcome to apply to volunteer at YAC. Some of our volunteers were campers themselves, many were not, some lead the youth at their home church, some are parents (or even grandparents). All love Jesus and love youth.

What volunteer positions are available?

There are several different capacities in which your talents may be utilized at YAC:

  • Cabin leader - these adult volunteers eat, sleep, play, and worship with the campers 24-7 at YAC. They are directly responsible for their camper's well-being and also have a huge opportunity to build deep relationships with these youth and encourage them to grow in their faith.
  • Program staff - these volunteers are responsible for setting up, running, and tearing down activities including low ropes, group initiatives, rock climbing and rappelling and coordinating large group games like The Amazing YAC Race and the ever-popular Buzzards and Eagles.
  • Support staff - includes special roles such as the camp nurse, prayer coordinator, administrators, and even 2012's "camp grandparents."

YAC is run by a group of volunteers known as the Keystone Conference Youth Ministry Team. Inclusion on the YMT is by invitation only.

What is the cost for volunteers?

We do not charge our volunteers to attend YAC. We appreciate the time you take from your jobs, families, and busy schedules to invest in an intense and grueling week at camp.

When do volunteers need to arrive at YAC?

All volunteers are expected to arrive at Penn York Camp by dinnertime on the Sunday evening before camp. We kick-off the week with a special time of worship and prayer as a staff. We also provide training for the specific positions which volunteers may fill Sunday night and Monday morning, and then ask that you assist with camper registration on Monday. It is mandatory for all volunteers to attend this training before camp.

What is expected of volunteers at YAC?

All volunteers at YAC are expected to lead by example, lead with authority, and lead with encouragement. This includes attending all meals, services, and activities, interacting with all attendees - campers and other staff - in a positive manner, and adhering to the same camp rules to which we ask campers to submit. Responsibilities vary for different volunteer positions and will be communicated during training before camp.

How do I apply to volunteer?

Download the Volunteer Application and mail it to Suzy Jewell (address on form). The application must be postmarked by April 18. This gives everyone ample time to request work off and for us to have our staffing set in a timely manner.

All volunteers must submit their pastor's reference with their application. You may indicate your preference for cabin leader or program staff on your application, but this is not a guarantee that you will be accepted as a volunteer or assigned that position. The YMT carefully reviews and prays about all applicants, and selects who will asked to join each week of camp and which position they will fill.


Mandatory Child Protection Form for volunteers: