Penn York Camp & Conference Center

YAC is held at the beautiful Penn York Camp in Ulysses, PA. Penn York runs their own summer programs for kids and families of all ages, but graciously allows us the use of their facilities for two weeks prior to the start of their own season. Their trained and certified staff also run the high ropes course, many of the low ropes activities, and ensures that we are well-fed.

Penn York Camp Facilities

Alpine Center

The Alpine Center at Penn York is where many of the best hours at YAC are spent. Its large gymnasium serves as our chapel for some awesome worship services each evening, houses our late-night Afterglow activities and prayer room, and serves as a large space for indoor activities in the case of inclement weather.

Youth Adventure Camp Chapel Session facilities


There are 12 cabins capable of housing up to 120 campers and cabin leaders . The six boys cabins (named after trees) are grouped together and are separate from the six girls cabins (named after birds) a short distance away.

Each cabin is furnished with bunk beds, dressers to share, and its own bathroom — holding up to 12 people. The girl’s cabins have two full bathrooms in each, with several that are handicap accessible. Each cabin will have at least one adult cabin leader, and usually two.

Dining Hall

The dining hall can hold up to 175, serving three square meals a day plus a late night snack. Build-your-own-taco, spaghetti and meatballs, and hot pretzel sandwiches are always favorite meals.

Challenge Course

Penn York features an extensive challenge course with high and low ropes elements.

The high ropes course boasts two levels with a large variety of elements, ranging from easy to advanced:

High Ropes Course and zip line facilities at Youth Adventure Camp (YAC)
  • Flying Squirrel/Cargo Net – First the pull team will lift you up to the cargo net where you will work your way across to get on an element.
  • Burma Bridge – This is a good starter element that has a metal cable to walk on and a rope on each side of you to use as hand holds as you cross the span between poles.
  • Tremor Bridge – On a series of narrow boards that are irregularly spaced and twisted, you cross to the other side.
  • Multi Vine – Crossing from one platform to another, you walk a cable and use dangling ropes as your supports.
  • Postman’s Walk – Here you will cross another cable by leaning into one rope for balance.
  • Bottomless Burma – This one has two cables to hold as you walk, but there is no bottom cable. You must step from one loop of rope to another to get to the other side.
  • Tyrolean Traverse – Sit down on the platform and slide off! As you hang from the cable overhead, you pull yourself along using the rope at your side. This takes you over to our tower where you may use the zip line down.

And that’s just the top level! The newer, second level of elements has many great features as well.


Penn York also includes many other activity areas which are used for large and small group games and many that are also available during free time. These include:

  • The giant waterslide
  • Canoes and paddleboats on the pond
  • Swimming pool
  • Ball field
  • Game Room (pool, ping pong, and game tables)

Rimrock at the Allegheny National Forest

One day each week, campers will be bussed an hour and a half to Rimrock, a gorgeous location in the Allegheny National Forest. Campers will have the opportunity to try two different rappels and two different natural rock climbing courses, and may also hike, explore some caves, or just relax and enjoy God’s creation. Restrooms are available, and Penn York packs a picnic lunch for us to take along.

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